Render Cleaning

K-Rend, other types of coloured render, and other varieties of render surface are ideally suited to cleaning with softwashing, rather than traditional pressure washing. It is safe, long-lasting, and green.

Render is now very popular across the UK, especially on large modern buildings, but the manufacturers of render recommend that it needs refreshing from time to time. Cheshire Render Cleaning specialise in render cleaning and offer designated render cleaning services for all types of render. If not cleaned regularly, the colour of render will appear to fade. This is because render is likely to become infected with algae, mosses, and lichens that stain and ruin the appearance of a home or commercial building. Many people simply do not know an effective way to remove stains from render. Fortunately Softwashing is a safe and eco friendly way of removing organic matter and atmospheric pollution from exterior render. Finished coloured renders like K-Rend, Moncouche and Weber suffer with algae, bacteria and mildew staining.

Fortunately Cheshire Render Cleaning use the latest softwash technology to clean the render without damaging its finish, leaving it looking as good as it did the day it was completed.